Tax Advice & Planning in Hampshire and Surrey

At Keith Graham Chartered Accountants, we believe that to give great tax advice, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of our clients and their specific needs. With this in mind, we act as trusted advisors and work closely with our clients to provide tailored tax advice and tax planning.

Our Tax Advice and Planning Services

We can advise on a wide range of areas, including:

Personal tax planning advice – Tax can become complicated quickly. That is why, when it comes to your personal tax planning, we offer nothing but professional advice and support as if it were our own business.

Payroll tax – Payroll Tax is a must when it comes to running a business. Incorrectly implement this, and employees could become overtaxed and underpaid or vice-versa. At Keith Graham Chartered Accountants, we can ensure that this is installed correctly, and that each employee is paid correctly and efficiently. We also offer payroll services for those in need.

Corporate tax advice – All payments must be taxed in the UK, even money made by your business. We can help advise on your business’s tax payments and see if there is anything that can be changed or if there is anything that needs correcting in order to help your business develop. 

Capital taxes, exit strategies and asset management – Any profit that your business makes is, of course, taxed. We help you to manage these taxes allowing you to regulate your income after tax payments. We also manage any assets you may have as well as help map out any exit strategies that may be needed.

Remuneration strategies – Remuneration is often overlooked as a business strategy. But we can help you see the advantages of strategizing your remuneration. Get in touch with us for more information on how we can help you in this field.

Tax-efficient savings and investments – Everyone wants to save as much money as they can and at Keith Graham Chartered Accountants we understand that money is your key motivation. We will make tax-efficient saving recommendations as well as providing advice on investing that money back into where it will be best used. 

Planning for a comfortable retirement – When all is done and your working days are behind you, it is important to have a comfortable retirement planned so that you can enjoy the rest of your life with no worries or hassle. We can help provide a well thought out, bespoke retirement plan that will suit any specific needs you require.

Estate and inheritance tax planning – When a person’s estate (their property, money and possessions) is worth more than £325,000, then inheritance tax is paid by the ‘administrator’.

Usually, inheritance tax must be paid by the sixth month of the death of the owner of the estate, but our planning strategies can aid in these payments. Call us today if you have any queries.

Gifting strategies – Gifting is a tax-free payment that can be made to a close relative of your choosing, which means that they, the recipient, doesn’t have to pay tax on the gift they receive. If done correctly, it is a great way to help retain your money. 

Get in Touch for Tax Advice and Planning

We can help to ensure that you comply with all the necessary legal tax requirements, while also working to minimise the tax you are liable to pay whether you are a personal client or a small business in Surrey or Hampshire.

Call us on 01252 312561 or you can email us at Alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form for more information.


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