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March 2020 - Budget Report 2020

  • A reduction in the Entrepreneurs' Relief lifetime limit
  • An increase in the Employment Allowance
  • An increase in the rate of Structures and Buildings Allowance
  • An increase and extension of business rates discounts
  • Extended access to Statutory Sick Pay due to coronavirus
  • An increase to the National Insurance thresholds
  • Fuel duty to be frozen for the 10th consecutive year

October 2019 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • Making Tax Digital for VAT: re-examining the key points
  • How can SMEs help to tackle climate change?
  • Brexit and its impact on workforces
  • Business Round-up
  • Web Watch
  • Reminders for your diary

May 2019 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • Age discrimination: do you know your rights?
  • Making an application to work flexibly
  • Creating the perfect employee package
  • Business Round-up
  • Web Watch
  • Reminders for your diary

February 2019 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • Top planning tips for the year end
  • Expanding your business: are you ready?
  • The new Structures and Buildings Allowance
  • Retaining staff: key areas to consider
  • Business Round-up
  • Web Watch
  • Reminders for your diary

November 2018 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • Getting to grips with PAYE
  • Data protection self-assesment: are you up-to-date?
  • Changes to the stamp duty payment window
  • Creating a business continuity plan
  • Business Round-up
  • Web Watch
  • Reminders for your diary

August 2018 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • Funding your business's needs
  • Spotlight on mental health in the workplace
  • Making the most of gift Aid
  • Business Round-up
  • Web Watch
  • Reminders for your diary

May 2018 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • Running your business as a company
  • New rules on capital allowances and cars
  • Combating cybercrime and online fraud: are your finances protected?
  • Business Round-up
  • Web Watch
  • Reminders for your diary

February 2018 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • Introducing 'Simple Assessment'
  • Are you setting the right price?
  • Analysing the Criminal Finances Act 2017
  • Business Round-up
  • Web Watch
  • Reminders for your diary

Autumn Budget Report 2017

  • Stamp Duty Land Tax abolished for most first-time buyers
  • Personal allowance increasing to £11,850
  • Business rates to rise by CPI inflation from April 2018
  • VAT registration threshold frozen for two years
  • RDEC tax credit increasing to 12% from January 2018
  • National Living Wage to rise to £7.83
  • Increase in VED for the most polluting diesel cars

Winter 2017 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • Making Tax Digital for VAT: an update
  • Social media do's and don'ts
  • Employers: are you ready for the new auto-enrolment requirements?
  • Self assessment deadline is approaching
  • Business Round-up
  • Web Watch
  • Reminders for your Winter Diary

Autumn 2017 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • New data protection rules: are you prepared?
  • The Marriage Allowance: check your eligibility
  • Tax planning for a prosperous future
  • Business Round-up
  • Web Watch
  • Reminders for your Autumn Diary

Summer 2017 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • Planning for change
  • Making Tax Digital
  • 2017 Spring Budget highlights
  • Business Round-up
  • Web Watch
  • Reminders for your Summer diary

Making Tax Digital

  • Bringing business tax into the digital age
  • Simplifying tax for unincorporated businesses
  • Simplified cash basis for unincorporated property businesses
  • Voluntary pay as you go
  • Tax administration
  • Transforming the tax system through the better use of information

Spring Budget 2017

  • Chancellor prepares Britain for a 'global future'
  • Business measures
  • Changes to class 4 NI for the self-employed
  • Package for those affected by the business rates revaluation
  • Reduction in the dividend allowance
  • Introduction of 'T-levels'

Spring 2017 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • Raising business finance: key sources to consider
  • The new bank Referral Scheme
  • Using an alternative finance source
  • The 2016 Autumn Statement: a round-up of key measures

Autumn Statement 2016

  • Chancellor pledges post-Brexit economy ‘that works for everyone’
  • Business measures
  • Anti-avoidance
  • Personal allowance and higher rate threshold
  • Transport and infrastructure
  • Profile: The new Chancellor

Winter 2016 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • Small businesses: beware of the auto-enrolment penalties
  • Flexible working: the pros, the cons and the technology
  • Scaling your business – identify and meet the challenges
  • Tax-efficient planning for you and your family
  • Business Round-up
  • Web Watch
  • Reminders for your Winter diary

Autumn 2016 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • Spotlight on Capital Gains Tax
  • Understanding the new apprenticeship levy
  • Are you sitting comfortably? Managing well-being in the workplace
  • Business Round-up
  • Reminders for your Autumn Diary

Summer 2016 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • Highlights from the 2016 Budget
  • All change for ISAs - new tax-free ways to save
  • The rules governing holiday and pay
  • Business Round-up
  • WebWatch
  • Reminders for your Summer Diary

Spring 2016 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • The 2015 Autumn Statemen: some key measures
  • Under control? The new requirements for companies
  • Grandparents set to share parental leave and pay
  • Business Round-up
  • WebWatch
  • Reminders for your Spring Diary

Autumn Statement 2015

  • Chancellor pledges to rebuild Britain
  • Business measures
  • Personal measures
  • Property measures
  • Tax system reform
  • Anti-avoidance measures
  • Devolution, infrastructure and other measures

Winter 2015 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • Help to Buy: the ISA for first-time buyers
  • A five step plan for dealing with negative reviews
  • Workplace conflict: resolving staff disputes
  • Web Watch
  • Business Round-up
  • Reminders for your Winter Diary

Autumn 2015 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • Second Budget 2015 Round-up
  • Pensions auto-enrolment: are you up-to-date?
  • Creating an employee expenses policy
  • Web Watch
  • Business Round-up
  • Reminders for your Autumn Diary

Spring 2015 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • Shared Parental Leave and Pay: What employers need to know
  • 2014 Autumn Statement: at-a-glance-summary
  • New rules on overtime and holiday pay
  • Business Round-up
  • Reminders for your Spring Diary

Winter 2014 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • Is this now the time to invest?
  • Hiring the best talent for your business
  • Selling your business - plan ahead for entrepreneurs' relief
  • Business Round-up
  • Reminders for your Winter Diary

Autumn 2014 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • Pension Reform: What does it mean for you?
  • Going global: The benefits fo international trading
  • Exentsion of flexible working rights
  • What's your unique selling proposition?
  • Business Round-up

Summer 2014 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • Spotlight on business rates
  • 2014 Budget Round-up
  • Grow your business while the sun shines
  • The new RTI penalty regime
  • Business Round-up

Spring 2014 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • New Employment Allowance and your business
  • 2013 Autumn Statement: at-a-glance summary
  • Capping income tax reliefs
  • How Flexible is your business
  • Business Round-up

Winter 2013 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • Weathering the seasons: dealing with fluctuating demand
  • Small business Q&A: should I register for VAT?
  • Rights for shares: employee shareholders contracts
  • Your year end planning checklist
  • Business Round-up

Autumn 2013 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • Business planning: is it time to take a step back?
  • Making the most of your savings
  • Is your business data protected?
  • Business Round-up

Summer 2013 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • The new cash basis for small businesses
  • Thinking of becoming self-employed?
  • 2013 Budget highlights
  • Business Round-up

Spring 2013 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • Keeping adequate business records - and surviving HMRC check
  • New rights on parental leave and flexible working
  • Taxing changes: what's on the horizon?
  • Business Round-up

Winter 2012 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • Tax-saving strategies for the year end
  • All change for PAYE - Are you ready for Real Time-ready?
  • Are you up-to-date on the latest employment law changes?
  • Business Round-up

Autumn 2012 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • Pension Auto-Enrolment: Where are we now?
  • Will power: The importance of your Will
  • Don't catch a cold: Managing employee absence
  • Sowing the seeds of investment
  • Business Round-up

Summer 2012 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • Tax-efficient pension savings
  • Employee share schemes
  • 2012 Budget: Some key measures
  • Remote control: the implications of remote working
  • Business Round-up

Spring 2012 - Business Matters Newsletter

  • 2012 and beyond: key measures for business
  • Business plans - some dos and don'ts
  • Your employees and their rights
  • Business Round-up


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