Tax Investigation Accountants

A tax investigation is an enquiry into your tax payment history, in the UK, this is conducted by the HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs). A tax investigation can vary in severity dependant on the individual case. The frequency of tax audit and in-depth tax investigations increases if you are suspected to be underpaying the amount you owe in taxes.

How to know if you are the subject of a tax investigation

You will be made aware by the HMRC should you be the subject of a tax investigation for any reason. This contact is usually made via a letter and will often require further information from you, based on their assumptions.  

There are numerous reasons as to why you could be being investigated by the HMRC, from making errors in your tax return and late payment of tax, to having abnormally high costs, or your tax returns not equating to the popularity of your business or your standard of living.

If you have an experienced accountant on hand, you are far less likely to make any of the above mistakes in the first place, however, if you are running your accounts yourself, innocent mistakes can occur, what matters then, is how they are handled.

How to handle an HMRC investigation

Should you not have a retained accountant and you find yourself at the centre of a tax investigation, it is vital to reach out for support from a tax investigation accountant who will be able to advise you at each step moving forwards.

Unless you are highly experienced within the field of tax investigations, building a case against the HMRC will be extremely difficult. Having a knowledgeable team at your disposal here will allow you to relax, safe in the knowledge that your investigation is being handled in the most accurate and efficient way possible.

Why choose Keith Graham Chartered Accountants?

  • At Keith Graham have a wealth of knowledge and experience around all matters relating to tax investigations.
  • We will look through your accounts and provide the inspector with up-to-date and accurate information which will lead to a significantly smoother, faster, and less damaging inspection than should you not have this information at hand.
  • Our team of tax investigation experts can manage the entire process on your behalf and are here to advise you on the most appropriate strategy with which to approach the investigation.
  • Keith Graham are able to negotiate with HM Revenue and Customs on your behalf in the case that a dispute arises.
  • Once your tax investigation is over, our tax advice specialists will support you in minimising any future problems with the HMRC and create a long-term plan to grow your business in a tax efficient manner.

If you require the advice of a tax investigation accountant then please do not hesitate to get in touch via our online contact form or by simply calling 01252 312561


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